Myth Busting

‘The role of a firefighter has changed and so has our place in the community. Find out the truth about these out of date myths.’

"I'm not fit or strong enough"

Our firefighters all bring different skills to the team. As long as you meet the national firefighter standards at assessment you can apply to become a firefighter.

"I’m a parent so it’s not a job for me"

Many of our firefighters are working parents who find the shift patterns suit their lifestyle well.

"It seems like a man’s job"

We know that the strongest teams are made up of a diverse mix of people and we respect everyone's individuality.

"It’s only about fighting fires"

As well as attending a range of incidents, including fires, road traffic collisions, floods and chemical incidents, the role of a firefighter is mostly spent preventing fires and promoting a safer Essex through engagement with the local community.

"I’m the wrong age to be a firefighter"

As long as you are 18 by the time you start training you can apply and there is no upper age limit to applying to become a firefighter.

"I have to be a British Citizen"

As long as you have eligibility to work in the UK and have all the relevant documentation, you can apply to become a firefighter.

"I’m not tall enough"

There are no minimum or maximum height restrictions to becoming a firefighter.

"It’s a job and not a career"

There is a clear path for development and promotion, with access to training courses and learning to enhance your knowledge and grow your skills.

I'm LGBT so I won’t fit in or be supported

As a proud Stonewall member, we have an active and vibrant LGBT network. We are also active in the LGBT community, as well as encouraging our non-LGBT colleagues to become Straight Allies.